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Frequently Asked Questions

KidzCubicle is designed for children aged 1.5 - 8 years old.
KidzCubicle offers a range of age-appropriate activities, including LEGO and Sand Castle Kiosks, doll houses designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction.
Yes, safety is our top priority. At Kidzcubicle, we have trained staff, secure play equipment, and safety protocols to ensure a safe environment.
Yes, in many cases, parents or carers are encouraged to participate in play activities with their children. This strengthens the bond between parent and child and enhances the overall experience for both. However, the level of involvement may vary based on the rules of the play area. It's advisable to inquire about parental participation policies beforehand.
You can provide feedback and suggestions in our 'Contact Us' form.
Yes, KidzCubicle host special events or activities for families, Celebrate your special days with us.
Yes, check our website or mobile app to purchase Kidzcubicle playtime minutes or packages.
Yes, we do have a limit on how kids can be accommodated, however this will vary depending on the location of the KidzCubicle.