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Trail Pack

Embark on a worry-free shopping experience as your kids explore an adventure at KidzCubicle.

£ 5

Coming soon

20 minutes

Quick play session for short breaks while shopping.

Bronze Pack

Enjoy uninterrupted shopping while your kids have an hour of fun with KidzCubicle's Bronze Pack.

£ 10

Coming soon

60 minutes

Essential playtime for uninterrupted shopping.

Silver Pack

Extend your kids' playtime with KidzCubicle's Silver Pack, ensuring parents have ample shopping time.

£ 20

Coming soon

130 minutes

Extra 10 minutes compared to our Bronze Pack.

Extended playtime for longer shopping trips.

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Gold Pack

Let your kids have a blast with KidzCubicle's Gold Pack, ensuring worry-free shopping for parents.

£ 40

Coming soon

270 minutes

Extra 30 minutes compared to the Bronze Pack.

Popular for extensive playtime in a secure area.

Value Pack

KidzCubicle's Value Pack offers ample playtime for kids while parents shop or frequently visit the mall.

£ 80

Coming soon

560 minutes

Extra 80 minutes compared to the Bronze Pack.

Maximum playtime for frequent mall visits.

Birthday Party Pack

Make your child's birthday unforgettable with KidzCubicle's stress-free party package.

£ 230

Coming soon

120 minutes

15-20 kids

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