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Birthday Party Pack

Make your child's birthday unforgettable with KidzCubicle's stress-free party package.

£ 230

Coming soon

120 minutes

15-20 kids

Goodie Bags

Silver Pack

Extend your kids' playtime with KidzCubicle's Silver Pack, ensuring parents have ample shopping time.

£ 20

Coming soon

130 minutes

Extra 10 minutes compared to our Bronze Pack.

Extended playtime for longer shopping trips.

Bronze Pack

Enjoy uninterrupted shopping while your kids have an hour of fun with KidzCubicle's Bronze Pack.

£ 10

Coming soon

60 minutes

Essential playtime for uninterrupted shopping.

Trail Pack

Embark on a worry-free shopping experience as your kids explore an adventure at KidzCubicle.

£ 5

Coming soon

20 minutes

Quick play session for short breaks while shopping.

Most Popular

Gold Pack

Let your kids have a blast with KidzCubicle's Gold Pack, ensuring worry-free shopping for parents.

£ 40

Coming soon

270 minutes

Extra 30 minutes compared to the Bronze Pack.

Popular for extensive playtime in a secure area.

Value Pack

KidzCubicle's Value Pack offers ample playtime for kids while parents shop or frequently visit the mall.

£ 83

Coming soon

560 minutes

Extra 80 minutes compared to the Bronze Pack.

Maximum playtime for frequent mall visits.